AT Global Tech has partnered with Electronic & Engineering Company (I) P. Ltd. (EECI), serving as the sole distributor of their exceptional NDT products across the North and South American markets.


With a legacy dating back to 1958 and backed by an ISO-9001 certification, EECI has established itself as a prominent developer and manufacturer of Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) solutions. With a customer base of over 1200+, worldwide, EECI remains committed to delivering cutting-edge tools and unparalleled expertise that enhance the reliability and precision of NDT inspections. Their diverse range of offerings includes portable Ultrasonic flaw detectors, Ultrasonic Turnkey Solutions, Magnetic Particle Inspection solutions, in both standard and turnkey formats, as well as Radiation Monitoring Instruments.


Guided by our unwavering mission, AT Global Tech is dedicated to furnishing present and prospective clients with NDT equipment of the highest caliber. Our commitment extends beyond product delivery, encompassing comprehensive services and unwavering post-sale support. This approach is rooted in our determination to guarantee customer contentment and cultivate enduring partnerships with each and every client.